What does “Measuring Hope” mean?

Hope is my word. I made it my word about 18 years ago when I moved 1,000 miles away from home.


Shortly before I moved one of my good friends got married. I was one of her bridesmaids, and she gave each of us a charm. Mine was an anchor. The lovely bride told me the anchor symbolized a life of adventure. Well, at that time, getting ready to move so far from my family and friends seemed like a brilliant adventure. I whole heartedly accepted the challenge to live a life of adventure.

I soon also learned that the anchor also symbolizes hope. That made the anchor even more mine. It finds it’s way into my life, and I easily recall all of the hope it represents.


Hope means so many things to me, and it runs through every part of my life. Simply, hope is the underlying theme of my life. Hope for a spouse, hope for a thinner body, hope for a nicer home, and a less weedy yard. So much hope!

Well, today I realized that I’ve left behind the adventure part of hope. And have become a shadow of myself. I mean to change that, and I am going to write about it here – even if I am the only one who ever knows about it.

Here I am on the first day of finding the adventure again, by measuring the hope in my life.