Hello again! Happy Sunday evening.

I have acquired a bad habit. I haven’t always had this bad habit. But it’s here now, and I must address it. I used to be very good about packing all the food I would need for the day (except dinner) and taking it with me to work. I’ve been doing ok with breakfast – yep, I don’t get up early enough to eat breakfast before I leave, although it is a goal. Lunch on the other hand, not so good. Well, horrible actually! I was calculating the other day how much money I am spending, and I am averaging around $30 a week just on lunch. SERIOUSLY?? Dave Ramsey would be so disappointed. I AM so disapointed. Hello, budget? Where did you go? Oy!

I am determined to pack my own food each day this week.

Most of the day today was spent prepping and cooking meals. On the menu…

Red beans and andouille sausage over brown rice
Spicey chicken with cucumber avocado salsa
Butternut squash soup

I also stocked up on fresh veggies and fruits and frozen mixed berries and plain greek yogurt for more delicious smoothies.

Ha! I just realized that if I was good at this blogging thing I would have taken photos of my bounty and posted them here for you to enjoy! So, instead, wish me luck AND enjoy this pretty photo of Lake Harriet where I took a lovely walk with my sister yesterday.

Have a great week. How do you handle your meals for the week? Do you pack a lunch every day? Or buy it?