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Hello again! Welcome to the weekend. This is my “off” weekend so I am filled with joy. What is filling you with joy these days?

Once more, I have allowed too many days to pass without spending enough time focusing on this blog. I think about various posts often but just haven’t figured out my focus and schedule yet. You know that idea where if one thing in your life is cluttered that probably means other things will follow? Well, if you were me, you would know that probably actually means absolutely, without a doubt, undeniably will.

If you’ve read through my meager posts so far, you know that I am tackling my unhealthy body issues. I will have a future post about my experience with my 30 day no sugar challenge (holy smokes, hard!). In all truth, I thought part of my problem was my lazy butt. But (haha) I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around that because I’m really not a lazy person. I was just feeling exhausted at the end of almost every day. Well, let me tell you (in a preview of my no sugar post) that my natural energy levels are rebounding. I feel so energized, and I haven’t even added in more consistent exercise yet. Super cool.

This is sinking in. I am learning to love this energy. I’m learning what to do with this energy. Deep in thought about this and, naturally, scanning my facebook wall this morning, I saw this photo below. And you know what? It’s true.

After spending the morning roaming Ikea with a friend, day-dreaming about a new kitchen and buying a palm tree for my porch, I came back home with “make the most of today” still running through my mind. So, I started. With this.

A file cabinet I bought last summer off craigslist. It has been in the makeover process for almost that long also. Oh brother. And, it goes in my office extra-room-where-I-hide-piles-of-paper-when-company-comes-over which is also in desperate need of a makeover. Which I guess you could say is in the works. I mean, I do have a vision, I’ve checked out lots and lots of fabulous room makeovers, and I have spackled some old nail holes. I will complete this room AND it will be awesome. Here are some before photos to spark your curiosity, or make you roll your eyes and say Ugh!

So amazing that you can actually see the floor, that beautiful wood floor that I think I’m going to paint. What do you think about painted floors?

Um, oh boy. I have no words…

Yes, that is a desk. You can see how useful it is piled high with papers, not just on top but underneath too. So very effective! hehehe…

See, spackled nail holes, just ignore that toppling pile of paper to the right.

So, I’m going to sign off tonight by leaving you with this photo walking out the door of my soon to be spectacular office, with maybe a bit of a crafty corner tucked in somewhere (see that sewing machine on the floor??). Thanks for coming by again.