So, here is another horrible picture of me…just to prove that I will keep trying.
Please, please, please excuse the wretched sports bra uniboob. I swear I have a much better one to wear and I will from now on, forever, for real, because I threw the one I wore tonight away!

“surprise”…it’s photo check-in day!

In mid-April I posted a Day 1 picture. It’s a beauty too, I know! Well, I finally got around to taking another picture. Sister #1 and I went for a walk tonight

Gorgeous weather!

and she reminded me that we were going to take pictures each week to track our progress. So, depsite the “surprise” photo, I agreed…BECAUSE…I want to like getting my picture taken and the only way to reach that point is to keep working toward a better me.

Today’s stats – 1 hour walk, burned 445 calories, -5.5 pounds since Day 1

Thanks for hanging with me and cheering me on!