Hi there. Happy day to you!

If you are actually reading this (someday in the future, I imagine HOPE!) then thank you for being here. It is crazy how I can talk for hours about nothing, little and big things, everything, but actually getting on this darn computer and building this blog seems so daunting. Maybe I’m just afraid no one will find what I have to say interesting enough to read (let alone come back for more). Or, maybe I am out of words. HA! Not likely.

So, I am committing to you, dear reader(s), here and now that I will become a regular blogger. I read a lot of blogs and one of the things that I adore about those blogs are the regular/weekly themed blog posts. So, I am building my ideas for some regular themed posts. I can’t wait to see what develops. A friend gave me a good idea for one tonight, but more on that another day.

So, I saw a quote over the weekend that is so true…

The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances. — Martha Washington

It reminded me that about 5 weeks ago, on my birthday, the start of my Personal New Year, I decided that this was the year to stop thinking, wishing, dreaming, about ALL the awe-mazing things I want to do and to actually start doing them. Soooo, I’m working on it, and this week I decided to take a walk on Monday morning instead of going into the office (I’m lucky enough to work in ROWE, but more on that in a later post). It was a cool, kind of dreary morning, but I found it beautiful. It made me feel happiness in my disposition. 🙂

So, I will sign off tonight with a shot of what I saw along my walk that morning, and wish you sweet dreams.